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Property management is ALL about you.  


What you want from your property, how you will use the rental income and what we can do to make your experience fun and profitable.


Fun is all too often forgotten in investment and renting out property is no exception.  


I don't mean the 'lets have a laugh' kind of fun.  OK funny things happen, but I mean fun as opposite to worry, frustration and fear.


Tenants come in all types: bright and helpful, difficult and dense.  There is no accounting for people.  To get the right person for your property is an art.  Asking the right questions, setting up the right filters and squeezing out risk.


Properties vary a lot.  


They are a reflection of their owners and some are bright and clean, others dark and dodgy.  


We don't do dark and dodgy.  


Then we come to management.  The choice is simple.  It's either full management with Key-Lets or self management with Key-Lets help.  Being a local, fully independent family business we can give the time and dedication to both landlords at fair prices.


For landlords leading busy lives and time short we offer our Full management services.  There are tax deductable fees involved for a hassle free life and our loyal long term clients appreciate the efforts we invest in properly managing their properties.  Click Below to find out more......





For experienced landlords self management is an option.  There is a cost saving in the long run for landlords who have the time and practical skills to self manage.  We have many long term clients who self manage using tenants we have found, referenced and moved into their properties.  Click below to find out more.....





We practice on going support for all landlords, not just those we have a direct relationship with.  We need to talk if you are a landlord who expects high tenant standards and have a keen interest in the local rental market.


Give me or one of the team a call on 01292 289289 for how we can make your life easier as a landlord.....

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It's All About You

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Tim Williamson is a principle partner in Key-Lets with over 35 years of experience in the property market both as a landlord and letting agent.  Key-Lets are a fiercely independent letting agency specialising in quality stand alone and portfolio properties for corporate and working tenants in Scotland.

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