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Property management is ALL about you.  


What you want from your property, how you will use the rental income and what we can do to make your experience fun and profitable.


Fun is all too often forgotten in investment and renting out your property is no exception.  


I don't mean the 'lets have a laugh' kind of fun.  OK funny things happen, but I mean fun as opposite to worry, frustration and fear.


Tenants come in all shades: bright and helpful, dark and dense.  There is no accounting for people.  To get the right person for your property is an art.  Asking the right questions, setting up the right filters and squeezing out risk.


Properties vary a lot.  


They are a reflection of their owners and some are bright and clean, others dark and dodgy.  


We don't do dark and dodgy.  


We turn away properties we know won't get tenants to meet our exacting standards.  OK this can be frustrating for some property owners, especially if you bought the property on what a selling agent projected.  


Let's talk if your property fits our standards. Give me a call on 01292 289289 or Click on the link to our contact webform and I will call you back................




Key-Lets started in 1994 in Ayrshire.  We are very much a local business drawing on our knowledge and experience to grow in a changing world.  When we started in Glengarnock there were no Buy-to-Let mortgages.  In fact mortgage lenders made it very difficult for homeowners to rent out their properties.


So much has changed in the intervening years.  Buying property to rent is now a real alternative to leaving chunks of money in a Bank. Access to pension payouts has added to growth of the rental market.  Areas such a Irvine, Kilwinning and Troon have all seen the benefits of Buy-to-Let sales as well as the traditionally strong areas such as Ayr, Prestwick and Kilmarnock.


The turbulent economy, recession and Brexit are all impacting on the housing market and growing the number of tenants looking to rent instead of buying a home.  


The Ayrshire rental market could not be better.


We still have landlords from the first days of Key-Lets.  Even a few tenants.  Long term rentals are a key driver with Key-Lets.  We use leases that automatically renew.  We do not use leases requiring 6 month renewals.  Tenants hate disruption and having to sign a lease every six months is a big deal and increases tenant turnover.  


Regular inspections keep in contact with your tenants and keep an eye on your property.  A rigorous rental arrears process keeps an eye on your income.  


So if you want a letting agent with standards, over 20 years of trading and who puts you first - all you have to do is join in and the SAVINGS starts today...  

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Est. 1994, Local, honest

and knowledgeable.


Tim Williamson is a principle partner in Key-Lets with over 35 years of experience in the property market both as a landlord and letting agent.  Key-Lets are a fiercely independent letting agency specialising in quality stand alone and portfolio properties for corporate and working tenants in Scotland.

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Tim Williamson